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  • Advance your understanding of native plants and their habitats

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What's that plant? Get our new field guide.

Fill the Seed Ark!

We need your help: The Hope Goddard Iselin Foundation has pledged $500,000 to challenge other foundations and individuals to invest in our $5 million initiative to collect and permanently store the seeds of all the region’s imperiled plants by 2020. Please give to fill the Seed Ark. 


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State of the Plants

Do you know how many rare plant species in New England grow nowhere else in the world--and how many of those are already extinct? Find out in State of the Plantsour groundbreaking assessment of our region's native plants, and take action now to save the region's rare and endangered plants.




It Fits in a Daypack

Our new field guide to the region's plants, Wildflowers of New England, by Ted Elliman, is here in time for hiking season. More than 1,000 photos make this one of the friendliest field guides ever, and you won't need to wade through the Mid-Atlantic flora--these plants are all Yankees. Order it now!

Wildflowers of New England


Save the Plants, Save the Planet

Please give now to the Society's 2016 Annual Appeal.

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 Your donation supports action to conserve endangered plants, boosts propagation research, preserves genetic diversity in our region, restores habitats, and helps develop new online courses.

Cypripedium reginae - William Cullina



Immediate Opening

Wanted: Public Programs Coordinator

Play a key role in one of the nation's largest programs in native plant education: Help line up experts to lead the Society's popular classes and activities! Work with motivated volunteers! Coordinate tours of our unique botanic garden! An excellent opportunity for an organized, flexible, people person. Get details here.




Our Hours

Garden in the Woods and Nasami Farm Nursery's Garden Shop are open for the season through October 15. 


Garden in the Woods - now open daily, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., including holidays

Nasami Farm Nursery Garden Shop - open Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., weekdays
by appointment. 

Vernonia noveboracensis 



Protecting Pollinators

Pollinators in Peril

Saturday, August 6

10 a.m.-noon

Green City Growers and

South Street Farm

Somerville, MA

Learn how you can support pollinators in this two-hour class, led by Mark Richardson and Jess Bloomer. Includes a walk through South Street Farm to see how to enhance pollinator habitats. 
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Revolutionize Your Garden!

New at our Garden Shops:

An "invaluable and provocative resource for gardeners who want to collaborate with their local ecologies—and save themselves both heartbreak and backbreak.” 

New York Times 

Buy it on location, or order at: 508-877-7630 x3209; 

Garden Revolution