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Discover thousands of New England plants

Maine Bans 33 Invasive Plant Species

In mid-January, Maine became the fifth New England state to legally ban the sale of certain terrestrial invasive plants. The rule applies to 33 species. “This is great news!" says Director of Conservation Bill Brumback. . . .



Clearing Glossy Buckthorn


Got Passion?

If you love nature and feel passionate about sharing it with children, you may make a good Teacher Naturalist. New England Wild Flower Society is seeking Teacher Naturalists to help lead tours for our school programs. Click here to learn more.



child and tree


Save the Plants, Save the Planet

Please donate now to the Society's 2017 Annual Appeal. Your donation supports action to conserve endangered plants, boosts propagation research, preserves genetic diversity, restores habitats, and develops new online courses.  


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Plan Your Garden Now

Now's the time to dream in color: Cobalt-blue lobelia. Blush-pink rhodora. Waves of sea-green bluestem. Make sure your vibrant garden dreams come true: Check our 2017 list of available plants, and order today: 508-877-7630 x3209;


Spigelia marilandica




Great Job Opening

The Society is seeking a full-time public programs coordinator to help develop and execute one of the nation's largest programs in native plant education. If this sounds like you or someone you know, check out all the details here.


Sanguinaria canadensis


Sign Up for Symposium

Not all native plants are edible, but they do some heavy lifting to bring food to our tables. Explore the natural systems that make agriculture possible at "Flower to Fork: Native Plants, Farms, and Food," a day-long symposium, March 25, in Holyoke, MA. Places are limited, so register now!

Corn leaf


State of the Plants

Do you know how many plant species in New England grow nowhere else in the world? Find out in State of the Plantsour groundbreaking assessment of our region's native plants, and take action now to save the region's rare and endangered plants.





Help Fill the Seed Ark!

Please help: The Hope Goddard Iselin Foundation has pledged $500,000 to challenge other foundations and individuals to invest in our $5 million initiative to collect and permanently store the seeds of all the region’s imperiled plants by 2020. Please give now to fill the Seed Ark! 

Counting out seeds to start process.