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Nasami Farm opens April 26 (image copyright Dawn Dentzer 2014)

Tree ID Using Bark and Habitat Clues

Cummington, MA, Saturday, April 26

Study a beautiful old-growth forest that has outstanding specimen trees, including some of the tallest pines in the Northeast. In this class, you will use bark to key out tree species and become familiar with the characteristic bark of trees.


New England Spring

may apple in ice


Cool Pool Creatures

Sunday, April 27

Program for Families

Join us as we delve deeply into vernal pools and explore the aquatic creatures that call them home. You will wander through the woods to examine vernal pools in person, then use microscopes to observe  tiny creatures, including fairy shrimps and caddisflies. 



Travel to Madagascar

Join us for a trip to this unique island in 2014! 

Madagascar pink


What's in Bloom April 17

Lindera benzoin

Lindera benzoin (spicebush)

photo by Donald Cameron

What's in Bloom April 17

Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanguineria canadensis (bloodroot)

photo by Donald Cameron

Volunteer on Earth Day!

Join us on April 22 to help restore Arthur Morency Woods, a 14-acre conservation area in Framingham, Massachusetts. Volunteers will help with trail maintenance and removal of invasive species. 


Save Native Plants

Preserve today what you want to enjoy tomorrow. Our essential conservation efforts in every county of New England continue to increase in importance as the impacts of climate change are felt ever closer to home. Make your 2014 charitable donation today!