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Woodlands of the Mineral Hills

Wednesday, September 24 - Join ecologist and cofounder of A Natural Focus, Laurie Sanders, on a visit to The Mineral Hills Conservation Area, Northampton, MA. The flora are varied, and the hickory-hop hornbeam forest is the richest plant community of all.


The Understory

Elizabeth Farnsworth explains why plant biodiversity is important, even after the plants are dead.


The phenomenon of "plant blindness,"

and how botanists and other plant scientists are working to combat it.


Sponsor a Seed

Help us save our region's endangered plants. Support seed collection in the six New England states. Protect-sabatia-kennedyana-7280-William-Larkin.jpg   

Sabatia kennedyana



Small Motor and Garden Tool Maintenance

Saturday, September 29 - Learn all the basic maintenance procedures any homeowner can perform to reclaim old tools, extend the life of reliable tools, and retain the value of new ones. Topics include oil changes, greasing, air-filter cleaning, fuel facts, winterization, storage, troubleshooting tips and techniques for maintaining your hand tools. Learn how to keep all your gardening equipment ready for use when you need it. 


What's in Bloom

September 15

Eurybia divaricata (white wood aster)

Eurybia divaricata

Join Our Team

New England Wild Flower Society has openings for a receptionist/administrative assistant and a philanthropy coordinator. These are great opportunities to work for an important cause at a dynamic organization! 


Save Native Plants

Preserve today what you want to enjoy tomorrow. Our essential conservation efforts in every county of New England continue to increase in importance as the impacts of climate change are felt ever closer to home. Make your 2014 charitable donation today!